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Worldwide report on buy now pay later market

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Payment Agrregators

Payment Agrregators

Payment Hub Solutions

The business of payment aggregation services requires a strong, robust, scalable and secure platform capable of accepting and processing multiple modes of payments. The unified fintech platform, ‘arttha’ aggregates various modes of payments, types of payments viz. Credit Cards, Debit Cards, net banking, gift cards, loyalty points, wallet accounts etc. in a single platform to cater to the diverse payment needs of businesses and their customers. These are provided over various access channels like NFC, QR, mobile app, kiosk, web etc. The platform allows the business to seamlessly manage the network of merchants. The inbuilt reconciliation and settlement module helps in the faster and efficient processing of transactions.

  • Operator Agnostic
  • Biller Aggregation
  • Retailer and Merchant Aggregation
  • Support for multiple payment instruments
  • Aggregation of domestic and international remittance services
  • Support for providing the aggregation services on a hosted model with cloud based implementation
  • Support for multiple types of loyalty points and creating a cross loyalty point exchange for interoperability
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