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Arttha has been chosen as the best financial technology platform at SBR Technology Excellence Awards

Singapore, May 12, 2022: Arttha, a unified fintech platform has been chosen as the best financial technology platform at Singapore Technology Excelllence Awards 2022 conceptualized and organized by Singapore Business Review.

Arttha has led banking and financial services transformation with its “Digital for the Unbanked” strategy to be a market leader. The platform allows for both greenfield fintechs or banks as well as existing financial institutions to transform their retail and SME banking business using Arttha’s Digital Payments, eWallet, Digital Lending, Agency, or Branchless Banking, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), and Merchant Management capabilities.

Manish Sharma, Chief Executive Officer at PureSoftware said, “We are extremely proud to win this award and tremendously delighted for the recognition received. Arttha has powered banks and fintech firms in emerging markets to gain an immense digital advantage by providing next-gen banking solutions to their customers. Through Arttha, our customers have been successfully able to deploy innovative banking solutions to expand their customer base, improve end- user experience, multiply transaction volumes, and launch new products across business units. The platform has already been implemented to offer financial services to more than 30 million individuals worldwide and 2.4 million merchants across the world, with over 1 billion transactions globally in a year.”

The unified fintech platform has been addressing digital access gaps in financial services with remarkable success majorly across emerging economies with substantial swaths of underbanked and unbanked regions like Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Nepal. Despite stringent lockdowns in various parts of the world due to the pandemic, the platform has changed the banking dynamics to enable continuity of banking operations on the business side and democratize access to financial services on the consumer side.

Manish added, “Being underbanked or unbanked should not restrict access to the same level of customer experience that consumers in developed markets are used to. We continue to innovate by introducing new features in the platform in response to emerging trends in the industry as we expand our reach to customers in other parts of Africa, Middle East, and the United States.

About SBR Technology Excellence Awards

SBR Technology Excellence Awards, hosted by Singapore Business Review has chosen Arttha as the winner of ‘Fintech – Financial Technology’ award for delivering a strong banking impact and revolutionizing the banking capabilities for the stakeholders in the recently concluded annual event. The SBR Technology Excellence Awards is part of the regional Asian Technology Excellence Awards now running in 50 countries. The annual awards event highlights the contribution of various products, companies, and projects for creating disruptive innovations in their respective industries, positively impacting millions of lives, and assisting businesses to provide new-age offerings to their consumers.

About Arttha

Arttha, from PureSoftware, is a globally trusted financial technology platform. It helps businesses embrace digital solutions in the areas of consumer and MSME banking, agency/ branchless banking, digital lending, payments, BNPL and merchant management. Delivering value for almost a decade, Arttha’s microservices-based cloud-ready architecture is increasingly the choice of banks and fintech service providers looking to expand their digital offerings. For more information visit: Unified Fintech Solutions | Unified Fintech Platform – Arttha

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