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Worldwide report on buy now pay later market

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Arttha is the #1 choice for
100+ banks and financial institutions around the world

Modular Banking Platform

At Arttha, modularity lies at the foundation of our software creation. Our microservice-based technology guarantees outstanding flexibility as each module can be uniquely adjusted and configured for every customer. Furthermore, due to our expansive partner ecosystem we are able to provide a variety of services and configure products specifically tailored towards different markets or audiences.


Increased scalability

Arttha is equipped with pre-built components that can be integrated and customized quickly, allowing banks to scale up their operations as required.

Improved customer experience

Arttha modules are designed to deliver a personalized experience for each customer, which helps build trust and loyalty.


Banks can save a lot of money by leveraging our modular banking solutions to run operations at a fraction of cost compared to traditional banking systems


Our modular banking solutions are designed to be flexible and agile, allowing banks to quickly adapt to changing customer needs and regulations


The modular architecture that Arttha leverages is equipped  with strict security measures to ensure that data is encrypted, accessible only by authorized personnel and remains safe from malicious hacks and attacks

Open API

We offer open API support, allowing third-party developers to build custom apps and services on top of the platform.

Modules and API’s

Arttha's modularity allows for smooth integration with other services and enables easy customization. Developers can mix and match modules to create powerful fintech applications that leverage Arttha's existing APIs or extend them with custom integrations.

  • Wallet & Payments
  • SME and Retail Financing
  • Buy now pay later
  • Cloud-based core banking
  • Agent Banking
  • Merchant Management
  • Card Management
  • APIs- Payment Gateway
  • Core Banking Systems
  • ATM Switch
  • Biller Aggregator
  • Recharge Gateway
  • Ticketing/Remittance
  • Loyalty Management
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