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Merchant Management System

All In One Merchant Management

Arttha’s merchant management offering is a comprehensive and integrated solution that powers banks and fintechs to process on-board merchants digitally and manage the merchant hierarchies and commission structures. Leveraging Arttha’s highly configurable engine, Customers can manage a wide variety of acquiring transactions, aggregated banking & payment services and working capital financing services seamlessly. Arttha’s merchant management solution enables customers to manage all aspects of servicing their merchants through a single easy-to-use dashboard.

Your entire Backoffice in one Easy-to-use Interface

Arrtha enables you to manage your merchant lifecycle through the back office controlling aspects of onboarding such as KYC and approval workflows to the settlement and reconciliations being done in real time or end-of-day as your business process needs. The solution allows merchants to manage their own hierarchy more efficiently and provides ease of automation while managing high volume merchant networks. With Arttha’s merchant management solution, merchants can access to a web-based portal for statement and transaction monitoring as well as for generation of merchant reports.

What differentiates Arttha’s Merchant Management offering?

  • Accessible

    Merchants can access the system easily across channels.

  • Personalized Offerings

    Tailored options to fit your business needs seamlessly.

  • Hierarchy Management

    Manage and create hierarchies on the fly with flexible distribution fee structures.

  • Multi-Currency Support

    Multi-currency transactions and associated commission distribution are supported.

  • Convenience

    Access all your merchant information from a single easy to use dashboard.

  • Comprehensive Report Capabilities

    Detailed transaction, account level and settlement reports are available for Customers and their merchants is possible on the platform Customers can also generate their own reports.

  • Industry Leading Settlement and Reconciliations module

    Arttha’s settlement engine allows you to process millions of records in seconds and gives you real time visibility of the processing via a dashboard for the back-office users.

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