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Streamline your processes for the digital era with
Arttha Loan Lifecycle Management System
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Loan Lifecycle Management

Experience Digital Lending Excellence with Arttha

Arttha loan lifecycle management system helps businesses digitize the complete loan lifecycle end to end, from loan origination to loan processing, loan disbursement, repayments, and closures. Arttha’s loan management platform is an API based offering with on-the-fly product configuration, personalized loan offers, pre-approved loans, and promotion configuration.

100% Digital Loan Origination

Arttha loan origination system enables customers to digitally verify their eligibility and submit applications after entering relevant information. Through customizable workflow management, the loan approval process functions in a complete paperless manner, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

What makes Arttha Loan Lifecycle Management System so compelling?

  • Configurable Loan Products

    Create multiple loan products dynamically with interest, term and penalty configurations available out of the box.

  • Loan Attributes

    Leverage all the loan management attributes like Rebate Management, Grace period Management, Different Grace Types and categories, Penalties Management, and Loan Fee Management with Arttha.

  • Loan Management

    Streamline the entire loan management process with document management, collateral management, multiple collateral types, loan restructuring, workflows for loan approvals, and loan loss provisioning.

  • Advanced Features

    Arttha lending solution offers added value with features, such as co-lending,  paylater lending, revolving loans, balloon payments, configurable computation methods (viz. equal installments, equal principal installment, flat interest, etc.), and a no-interest period.

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