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An Organization for its Employees who Deliver Excellence.

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PureSoftware is one of the fastest growing software products and services company that delivers a differentiated customer experience, accelerates cycle times, and helps customers in achieving business outcomes through adoption of new-age digital technologies and integrating them with their existing systems.

PureSoftware started running in 2005, and has been running faster since. A company that credits its greater than industry average growth pace to its employees. Their belief in the organization that delivers a differentiated customer experience via accelerating the cycle time, in ways that serve our partners a greater than expected return on their investment.

PureSoftware partners with a number of global organisations across focused verticals including Financial Services, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Telecom & Semiconductors, Retail & Logistics, and Entertainment. We deliver services and solutions by leveraging our deep domain capabilities, and experience in Digital Technologies, Product Engineering, and Infrastructure Services.

Our flagship product ‘Arttha’ is one of the fastest growing financial platform. It helps businesses embrace digital solutions in the areas of financial services, mobile banking, agency/ branchless banking, microfinance, insurance, payments, and payments aggregation. ‘Arttha’ has been adopted by more than 100 banks & financial institutions in the last three years. As a strategy, we continuously invest in creating innovative products and platforms to stay ahead of the curve and create value for our customers.

Arttha- Making Banking Seamless
Real-Time, and Transparent.

Our Culture

We believe that certain principles are central to organizations as well as to the client’s success. Innovation, integrity, transparency, and commitment are embedded in our DNA, and this helps us in promoting a sincere customer service culture.

We provide our people with opportunities to grow and be more creative while maintaining work-life balance and this allows them to remain self-motivated and committed professionals.

Our leadership has created an inclusive culture as we engage with the team and market, which eventually brings openness, knowledge sharing and innovation in our daily work life. This ongoing commitment by leadership helps in improving customer experience throughout the customer journey.

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