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Choosing a Loan Management System for your Bank? Key features to consider for an optimized experience.

May 19, 2021 | Published by |

How are Loan Management Systems Reshaping the Money Lending Process?

Loan processing is one of the main functions of banks and other financial institutions, but still, most of them struggle with it. This department is often chaotic and hence, hampers both the customer experience and business revenue. However, with digitization, things have changed. More and more banks have moved towards adopting the latest technologies and software that offer smooth functioning and make the whole process less cumbersome.

Banks are switching from their traditional money lending systems, i.e., the manual approach to automated Loan management systems. These fast and scalable systems are the need of the hour for banks that support multiple facets of the money lending department, starting from loan processing to management and closure.

The global digital lending platform market is projected to reach $20.31 billion by 2027.
– Allied Market Research

How does a Loan Management System Streamline the Money Lending Process?

An automated Loan Management System has several notable benefits over traditional lending systems. Using these advanced systems, financial service providers can achieve improved customer experience, make better decisions, eliminate paperwork, and reduce manual efforts. An innovative API-based Loan Management System will help the banks streamline their entire money lending process.

For a better insight, here are a few ways how a loan management system can help a bank:

Faster Processing

Verifying every paper, talking to the customer, and maintaining too many records make everything troublesome and time-consuming. Loan management software simplifies this process by scanning thousands of documents and files simultaneously, making the whole process a lot faster.

Calculate ROI

Money lending is a risky process. Not all loans processed are paid on time, and some may go bad. Loan Management System is known to streamline the whole lending process and automate the workflows. Intelligent algorithms help in calculating all the risks involved and suggest areas where banks can reduce the costs or invest more.

Reduced Risk

Using advanced machine learning algorithms, loan management software can help in identifying fraudulent processers, view and verify the documents faster, and offer better tracking of the application reducing the risks involved in the process and increasing the conversion rates. It can also help financial institutions create innovative loan products for productivity.

Key Features to Consider while Choosing a Loan Management System

There are many advanced loan management software available in the market, but here are the key features to look for before considering one for the bank.

Easy Loan Application Capture

The loan management system must have an easy-to-use interface that allows customers to apply for a loan quickly. It must be able to process and verify all the documents promptly for fast processing.


Every bank has its unique requirements, and hence, the loan management system must be easily customizable to their needs.

Loan Management

Many a times, banks struggle with keeping all the documents together and managing the file. The software must help banks with loan management and enable them to calculate competitive interest rates, charging fees and penalties, create loan products, and a lot more.

Automated Debt Recovery and Collection

Debt recovery and collection is an essential part of the money lending process and involves many sub-processes. Banks need a system that can automate this process by sending personalized reminders and raising digital receipts.

Legally Compliant

Money lending is quite a complicated process with a lot of country specific legalities involved. The loan management software must meet legal compliance and calculate taxes, interest rates, discounts as per the country’s banking regulation association.

Banks looking forward to automating their loan lending process for faster processing, reduced costs, and enhanced customer experience can explore opportunities with Arttha, a unified fintech platform. Best known to offer a comprehensive Loan Lifecycle Management solution, Arttha enables banks to streamline and automate their operations for better efficiency and reduced risks. Let’s discuss how Arttha can add value to your bank. Get in touch.

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