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Helped a leading Indonesian bank expand its digital banking and wallet capabilities by implementing Arttha Digital Banking Platform

Business Problem

Our client, which is one of the largest Indonesian banks wanted a new core agent system for their latest branchless banking offerings. They wanted an advanced fintech solution to help them scale up their digital wallet capabilities for seamless payment across retail stores and various online merchants. They wanted a platform with open APIs to power omnichannel payments.

Business Analysis

Our team connected with the client to learn their requirements and vision to shift from a traditional banking model to a completely digital one. Understanding their requirements for an omnichannel digital-first solution for cashless payment, we helped them implement an innovative new-age fintech platform, Arttha, a perfect solution to their problem.

PureSoftware Solution

We helped the client implement a scalable and interoperable system, Arttha, to expand their digital payment capabilities and other branchless banking products across different interfaces and channels.

This multi-tenant fintech solution enabled the Indonesian bank to provide its products and services to co-brand and white label partners on a hosted model. Arttha’s inbuilt integration adaptors facilitated seamless integration with third-party systems like biller systems, merchant systems, ERP, CBS, ATM, and retail merchants. Arttha, a converged core backend solution, helped the bank create a connected ecosystem powering payments over multiple front-end systems.


Our advanced fintech platform Arttha:

Enabled quicker go-to-market of new business products and services

Helped the bank expand through new business lines

Assisted the banks with regulatory compliances

Brought business flexibility offering multiple configurability options provided via UI

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