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Helped a leading African Bank reinforce its position in market with Arttha Digital Wallet and Lending Solution

Business Problem

One of our key clients, a PAN African Bank with a presence in 4 countries, wanted to embark on a digital transformation journey to reinforce its competitive position in the local market. The bank wanted to promote financial inclusion and make banking and payment more accessible, relevant, applicable, and acceptable for the non-smartphone owning mass population.

Business Analysis

Our team of experts analyzed the requirements of the banks and found that the client wanted a digital core solution to launch digital payments and banking services easily for the traditionally unbanked segments. The digital core solution was intended as a foundation on which the digital products and services for the future can be configured and provided to the end customers. We found that the bank was looking for a digital-first solution built on microservices architecture.

PureSoftware Solution

After a detailed analysis of the client’ s business requirement, PureSoftware proposed and implemented their flagship product Arttha in 4 countries across Africa as part of phase 1, including greenfield and brownfield implementations.

Arttha enabled the bank in the following ways:
  • The omnichannel solution provided access to financial products and services over multiple channels like Mobile App, USSD, ATM, and POS, among others, catering to the bank’s smartphone and feature phone users.
  • Our solutions helped the banks launch a converged offering of a digital wallet, agent Banking, merchant management with country-specific products and processes.
  • The solution enabled seamless integration with the Bank’s Core Banking system, mobile money systems like M-PESA, billers, payment networks, ATMs, POS, and other systems for a frictionless payment experience.
  • Arttha also helped the bank widen reach via the Agents and Merchants managed through the system. They were equipped with mobile apps for doing transactions in assisted mode, and USSD and POS as channels.
  • Empowered the bank with modern banking capabilities, including wallets, goal-based saving accounts, lending ease, error-free insurance processes, cardless ATM withdrawal, in addition to seamless QR-based payments.


Arttha helped the bank

Target wider segments and expand customer base with an omnichannel presence powered by Arttha

Achieve flexibility to launch newer products and services with a quicker go-to-market time

Experience higher customer satisfaction with intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX

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