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Arttha helped Banks in Nepal Accelerate Financial Inclusion


  • A mobile banking solution for the Banks catering to regional needs
  • Need for offline access channel to combat poor connectivity in hilly areas
  • Ability to withdraw funds 24×7 without visiting a Bank branch in remote areas
  • Ability to send funds 24×7, and allowing beneficiaries instant cash without needing to visit remote bank branches
  • DTH recharge solution on mobile to combat poor distribution network in hilly areas
  • Instant access to banking services


  • A cloud based fintech solution providing Mobile Banking As A Service (mBaaS) to the Cooperative Banks, Commercial Banks and other Financial Institutions
  • Arttha team teamed with each of the 15-core banking software provider to develop APIs that can integrate with the Arttha Cloud Platform.  The API was designed using ‘Reverse Tuning’ technique so that the banks did not need any public IP.
  • A solution providing the mobile banking features via SMS in case of unavailability of GPRS signal
  • A mobile app in regional language with menus and notifications being presented to the users in the language of their choice based on the preferences
  • Designed an adaptor between Arttha and Bank CBS, simplifying the integration process, resulting in successful onboarding and integration of Banks in one day.
  • Cardless ATM withdrawal
  • ATM based cash transfers


180+ Financial Institutions using the platform

350,000+ customers

55,000 transactions per day

$450,000 TopUp sold per month

$700,000 Fund Transfer per month

$190,000 Merchant Payments per month

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