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Emerging technologies in Digital Banking

Technological innovations in banking continue to transform all financial sectors, and this will expl

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Blockchain, a Breakthrough in Digital Wallet

With the worldwide increase in the adoption of Bitcoin, another major term that has earned recogniti

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Five factors to consider while selecting right fintech platform for your business

The penetration of Internet to the remotest of areas of the globe along with the rising number of sm

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Top 5 Fintech Trends to Watch in 2018

Have you noticed how CEOs, entrepreneurs and average people are all getting excited about Fintech? T

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New central MIS and CORE banking platform to be launched for the micro-finance industry in April 2017

PureSoftware, a leading software consulting and IT services company, today announced that it has bee

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Digital Wallet for a Payment Service Provider in India

Learn how Arttha’s Mobile Wallet and Agent Banking Solution is leveraged by a payment service prov

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