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Top 5 Trends Shaping Banking in 2020

Artificial Intelligence is Settling In With banking gone digital, AI has started playing a key role

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The Future is Open- A True Digital Experience with Open Banking!

Banks are on their way to becoming fully digital and in providing a truly immersive and digital expe

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Why Digital Banking Platform is the Best Launchpad to Success for Banks?

In the increasingly competitive banking industry, maintaining your place, enhancing customer experie

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How Digital Customer Onboarding is going beyond being an Add On?

“38% of customers consider UX as the key criterion when choosing a digital bank,” finds Deloitte

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Microfinance Market Poised to Reach Over US$602.9 MN by 2025

Future looks bright for Microfinance Industry! Go aboard with Arttha’s Microfinance Software Syst

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Top Trends Altering The Customer Experience In Banking

Saying that competition is tight in the Banking Industry would just be an understatement. Do you kno

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Why Traditional Banks Can’t Compete In The Digital World

Digital has become the new normal. Where traditional Financial Institutions have failed, the FinTech

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Core Banking: A Seamless Banking Solution For Your Clients

We are looking out for a major technological revolution in the banking industry. In this era of digi

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Open Banking- Enabling Innovation in Banking

Several recent reports by Deloitte state that the dynamics of Financial Banking are changing at a su

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