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The Fintech (Financial Technology) Phenomenon in Africa 2021

Fintech is a phenomenon that has swept the world in recent years. It is an industry that seeks to so

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The current state of Fintech in Africa.

The stage is set for the African continent to become a hive of financial innovation. There is an abu

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Digital Transformation is the road to success for Banks

Industries are seeking emerging technologies to innovate and reinvent their traditional work process

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BaaS: Doorway for Banks to succeed in Banking 4.X

Banks are facing a choice between aligning their services to customer expectations or putting themse

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How COVID-19 reshaped the banking landscape? Five benefits of digital banking in 2021 and beyond

COVID-19 changed everything around us. Undoubtedly 2020 has been a challenging year, especially for

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Choosing a Loan Management System for your Bank? Key features to consider for an optimized experience.

How are Loan Management Systems Reshaping the Money Lending Process? Loan processing is one of the m

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What makes Banking Marketplace Platform a Boon for Financial Institutions? How can it put Customers at the Centre of the Financial World?

The banking and financial services industry is continuously evolving with different technologies sha

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From AI to RPA, here are the tech trends that will shape financial services in 2021. The year 2020

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Has COVID-19 Catalyzed Banking Innovation? What are the Challenges and Opportunities that Remain?

The year 2020 with COVID-19 at the forefront had been transformative for the banking industry. Banks

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