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Arttha Gaming Wallet
Casino Gaming has its own wallet now

Arttha Gaming Wallet

Smarter, easier, and 10X faster

Digital, contactless payments for the gaming industry

This digital, contactless payments wallet is the perfect solution for the gaming industry!

The Arttha Digital Gaming Wallet is a new way to manage your digital finances and make convenient, contactless payments for in-game items and other digital content. With the Digital Gaming Wallet, there’s no need to carry around cash or credit cards. It’s a great way to keep track of your spending. The wallet helps customers to make online payments for in-game items, as well as for other digital content.

For the Casinos

  • Deliver a 360° cashless gaming experience
  • Mitigate risks associated with sensitive information leaks
  • Establish regulatory compliance with global payments regulation
  • Instant deployment and 10x faster entry into gaming market
  • Real-time tracking of casino bets, activities, player spending, and in-game/in-app purchases
  • Gain a competitive edge by delivering a differentiated and next-gen gaming CX
  • Effective loyalty management through informed customer profiling based on their respective spendings

For the Player

  • Real-time track of winnings and losses
  • Secured payments without disclosing sensitive information like bank account number
  • Usage beyond Casinos for non-gaming transactions
  • Effective money management through instant money transfer to or from the wallet
  • Hassle-free online payments for in-game/in-app purchases
  • No need to carry around cash, debit cards, and/or credit cards

The worldwide Casinos trust payments through
Arttha Gaming Wallet


consumers globally


annual transactions


Footprint across Casino stores globally


reduction in risks associated with sensitive information leaks

For Casinos and Casino Gamers

  • Instant deployment
  • 24/7 constant support
  • No Implementation delays
  • No compromises on security
  • In-built integration adaptors
  • Economic implementation cost
  • No hidden fees, costs, and risks
  • Support for billions of transactions
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