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Core Banking: A Seamless Banking Solution For Your Clients

October 15, 2019 | Published by |

We are looking out for a major technological revolution in the banking industry.

In this era of digitization, most banks are choosing to create a Centralized Online Real-time Environment to manage their operations. The previously used hectic manual processes had shortcomings like little flexibility, high maintenance cost, and inefficiency to deal with the exponential growth in volumes brought about with digitization.  For this, then banks need a real-time integrated platform that can provide scalability, real-time customer information, zero risks, and low cost. That is where Arttha Core Banking Solutions come into play.

Core Banking Solutions are diverse in nature and depend on the customer base. The significant targets of Core Banking are delivering increased customer convenience and reducing excess operational expenses.

It provides consumers with the benefits of greater freedom in the transaction process as well as allows banks to enjoy the profits of being able to spend less time and resources on repetitive activities.

The key Core Banking features of Arttha which help offer seamless services to your customers are as follows:

Creation of Accounts

  • Creation of different accounts as per GL accounting and branch management with role-based access for different users.

Loan Management

  • End-to-end loan management with configurability of Interest Rates, Penalties, Grace Periods, Moratorium Period, etc.

Automated Processes

  • Automated processes with configurable maker-checker flow for streamlined operations.

Parameter-Based Rule Engine

  • Parameter-based configurable rule engine for financial product eligibility.

Creation of Financial Products

  • Creation of different financial products like fixed deposits, recurring deposits, loan products, etc including individual and group products.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Reporting and Analytics with a comprehensive suite of out-of-the-box reports and interactive dashboards for business monitoring.

Microfinance Offering

  • Microfinance offering with support for different models like centre, group, individual, etc.

Auto Calculation of Loan Limits

  • Rule-based rating engine for auto calculation of loan limits.

These days, Core Banking has turned into a vital necessity. Arttha is a flawless Core Banking Solution for banks and financial institutions. Its comprehensive functions will enable you to spring up your business and expand your profits. To get more information about Arttha’s features and capabilities, get in touch with us today!

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